Thursday, February 24, 2011

Claudia Aderotimi’s ex speaks: She vowed never again after pain of first booty op, Plus her last tweet.

An ex boyfriend of Claudia Aderotimi who died Tuesday 8th Feb from botched silicone bottom injections has revealed that Claudia vowed never to undergo another procedure after suffering
excruciating pain following her first operation in November. Paul Djimo, a semi-pro footballer who was still in close contact with Claudia, said:

After she had the injections last time, she told me she couldn’t take the pain and wouldn’t do it again. I never thought she would go back. When she first mentioned having surgery, I thought it was just a joke. We laughed about it and I never imagined it would end up being the cause of her death.

Claudia who had superstar aspirations was in a girl group called The Chocolatez, they described themselves as “a multi-talented group of three African girls” and have a couple of videos posted on youtube, she was also studying at Thames Valley University.

Paul who was attempting a reconcilitaion with her told how he was against Claudia’s surgery, he said:

She didn’t need it. She was a pretty girl, anyone could see that. She was worth more than this. But she told me having the injections made her feel better about herself. Every girl has something they don’t like about their looks and she mentioned her bum a few times.

Paul explains his reason for coming forward is to clear up the public’s misconception about Claudia, he was worried people would think badly of her, believing she contributed to her own fate, adding ”The most important thing is that she was an incredible person who would do anything for anyone.”

Another friend Natacha Mafuta has revealed that Claudia seemed to be carrying out research for a bottom boosting firm before her fatal jab, claiming Claudia and another girl Theresa interviewed her for her views on bottom enhancing. She went on to say Claudia was given a camera and microphone to ask people what they thought.

All this came to light at the same time a video emerged of Claudia & Theresa wearing booty pads & dancing to Soulja Boy’s Booty Meat.

I went on Claudia’s twitter page and came across her last ever tweet, which oddly enough said: “I’m goooooonnneeeeee so far away”

Gosh this is just sad, this girl was so pretty and didn’t need any enhancements. But we can tell ourselves that till we are blue in the face, cos for whatever reason Claudia thought she needed them, and that’s all that matters, not what people tell us, but what we see when we look in the mirror. May her soul rest with the lord. RIP Claudia.

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