Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Does the size of the male organ matter to women?

Women generally want biggish organs, but not too big obviously. I would say that if you are between 7 and 8” erect with corresponding girth, you can satisfy 80-90% of females size “requirements”. My experience in having a 7.25” male organ is that I have never had trouble satisfying a woman. It has in fact been too long for a couple of women who complained of pain when inserted fully. (editor;
complaints do not count as satisfaction).

The average male organ is between 5 and 7 inches. About 60% of men fall in that range. 20% are smaller and 20% are larger. Fewer than 10% of men have a male organ larger than 8 inches.
So for all those women who say they need a male organ larger than 7 inches, or if they make that a priority, they are really limiting themselves in the choice of a mate, which is sad. They are missing out on other aspects.
There are dildos and strap-ons bigger than any man on earth. Therefore if a woman REALLY needs a giant male organ, then there are options for her. But both sexes should realise if you make sex about the size of the object inserted, you hardly need a man.
Also, and this is just from my experience, but most women who really have hangups about male organ size are big time sluts. They probably don’t think they’re sluts, but if you’ve screwed more than 30 or so people in your life you qualify as a slut (man or woman). That’s just dirty at that point, so you don’t even want to be able to satisfy a loose woman like that.... unless of course you yourself are a slut.
No, actually. To most women size does not matter. Hardly any woman has an orgasm during intercourse anyway, and if she is one of the lucky few who does, then it rarely has anything to do with size. It has to do with clitoral stimulation. If you are able to satisfy her in bed and she is able to reach an orgasm one way or another, then it’s all good! Given the choice of huge male organ or orgasm ... which do you think she’ll pick?
No! Not really. What most women want is not too huge, and not too small. Somewhere right in the middle. All we really want is a relationship.
No, not at all. In fact, most women don’t care because they are too self conscious about themselves to be worried about what the man is self conscious of. She probably thinks all eyes are on her.
Big can be scary.
Yes, actually it does matter. Women can in fact have orgasms with or without clitoral stimulation. Although most of us don’t want an extremely large organ, we also appreciate an above average sized one. The people that are saying no, size does not matter are only saying that because they are afraid you have a small one and don’t want to hurt your feelings. The truth is different women want different sizes. Just like how different people enjoy looking at large breasts or small breasts, large bums or small ones. Everyone has different tastes. Be realistic and accept yourself for who and what you are. If someone doesn’t appreciate what you’re packing then she isn’t the one for you. Move on and you will eventually find someone that loves you for you. I’m sure you have your own preferences of what you want in a woman, right?
Too big can be painful.
I’m not going to sugar coat my answer here. I personally prefer a male organ that is big to me, but big to me might be small to someone else, and small to me might be big to someone else. It’s all a matter of personal perspective. This is not to say that a small male organ doesn’t have its advantages. It’s great for a woman who’s into anal or oral. Of course a woman obviously prefers a rare man who loves her with a big heart, and an interesting mind.
These things are more important to a woman than the size of his, but, add a big organ to that and you’ve hit paydirt! Then there are the guys who lack in size but make up for it with their hands and mouths (if they are lucky), of course there again, add a big organ and you may have just found the one.