Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Beverly cheats on Angelo with Bimp?

 Shapataaa oooo! Our Nigerian BBA rep, Beverly is in the news again! and it's not for being nude or having s*x, it's for cheating!...yes..you heard me right.
Some days ago, the Angelo,Bimp and Beverly were relaxing in a Jacuzzi, Elikem and cleo were absent cause they were 'bonding' in the bedroom. moments later, Angelo jumped out and decided to call it a night cause he was already 'high'.

As soon as he disappeared into the kitchen, Beverly playfully pounced on Bimp and started gyrating on him like a cat in heat. All Bimp could do was just smile sheepishly as the s3xy Nigerian stradled him and started rubbing her br3a^ts and womanly folds against him.

Then she abruptly stopped before Angelo surfaced and she followed him into the bedroom. This gurl ehn! i hope she will not commit suicide when she comes back to Naija cause the shame might just be too much..#franktalk.
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