Saturday, February 22, 2014


Nollywood actress Chelsea Edogun has been one of the hot faces on screen, having featured in many movies since 2012, she claims that she have not been harassed sexually but that doesn’t mean no man in Nollywood has approaches her, she is happy when men come to her because she likes it when men approaches her. And claims, that she is very different from other ladies who are wayward in the industry.

She talks about her upbringing: “My growing up wasn’t so easy because I grew up with my mum alone until I was 14. My dad travelled abroad when I was five years old and came back to Nigeria after nine years. I love my mum so much because she never gave up on me throughout those nine years. She gave me all the best. She is the best mum in the world.”

She is working currently on a movie: “I’m working on a glamour movie right now titled ‘Bloomsberry Hotel’ being produced by Lawrence Lurrenz Onuzulike. I am playing the role of Bella in the movie. Bella is a girl that is envious of her friend, she is actually two-faced. She pretends to be a friend but she is actually the enemy. I like the role because it’s unique. I’m sure this glamour movie is going to be one of the biggest in 2014 because it’s so different from other glamour films. It feels great to be part of it.”
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