Saturday, June 25, 2016

Mature Women Never do These 18 Things While Dating ...

1. They Understand the Need to Put Themselves First Sometimes

2. They Understand It's Okay to Be Just a Hint Slutty
3. Drama Isn't Their Thing. at All
4. They Admit when They Are Hurt and It's Okay, They Know How to Deal with It
5. They Aren't 'finding Themselves', They Know Who They Are
6. Facebook Stalking? Eh, No
7. They like Phone Calls, Not Text Messages
8. Clubs Don't Mix
9. They Aren't Going to Change Who They Are for a Man
10. Why Would They?
11. If They Are Bored, You'll Know It
12. They Want Commitment and a Relationship
13. They Might Run from the Sweet and Cute
14. Adult Sleepovers Are a Thing
15. They Want All-consuming Love
16. Their past Might Creep up, Just like Yours
17. Sometimes, Just Sometimes, They Want to Get Laid and That's It
18. This is Really All They Want …
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