Tuesday, December 6, 2016

TRAGIC | Man Standing In ATM Queue Suddenly Collapses and Dies

Kallol Roy Chowdhury, a 45-year-old Indian man died in West Bengal on Saturday morning. He was said to have died while standing in a queue at a State Bank of India ATM.

According to NDTV, witnesses revealed that the man suddenly collapsed and, unfortunately, he was declared dead at a nearby hospital.

But according to some reports, there was a delay in providing help despite several others being there at the queue to withdraw money.

"The man was standing in a line. Suddenly he collapsed and we called a local doctor. Later, he was taken to hospital," the security guard posted at the ATM told reporters.

Mr Chowdhury, who worked in the Cooch Behar district, got off a train at Bandel station on the way to his home in Kolkata's Behala area.

He decided to join in a queue at the nearest ATM, hoping to withdraw some money.
Doctors at the hospital said Kallol Roy Chowdhury suffered a heart attack and was dead by the time he was brought to the hospital. The incident, which comes just a day after two deaths were linked to demonetisation queues, took place near Bandel station in Kolkata at around 7:30 am.
...some ATM queue in India are usually extremely long.

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