Sunday, January 22, 2017

Rich man's son jailed for killing prostitute who lied to husband she's selling hair extension

Remember the lady who lied to her man that she's selling hair extensions, while secretly sleeping with men for money until she was killed by one of the men she slept with? Here's the update:

Bala Chinda was sent by his father, an immigration attache to the Nigerian embassy in China, to study at the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland. But only few weeks into his stay, the 26yrs old would have his life derailed in ways that he or his parents could not have imagined.

He was found guilty of r*ping and murdering 37yrs old Jessica McGraa, a married lady who's into s*x runs and who also happened to be Nigerian.

The court heard during the trial that Chinda had been desperate for s*x on the evening before and the morning of Jessica’s death.

After searching for prostitutes and brothels nearby he eventually ended up meeting Jessica at her a residence. Unfortunately he did not have the cash required for the s*xual transaction and killed her in a frustrated rage.

According to court papers, Chinda then stole Jessica's mobile phones in order to dispose of any evidence linking him to her.

It is believed that he smothered her with a pillow as he r*ped her and strangled her afterwards with a scarf.

Jessica's s*x runs was unknown to friends and family who thought she's selling hair extensions. She is survived by a young son, an ex-husband and a new boyfriend who both did not know of her promiscuous lifestyle until she was murdered.

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