Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Chef sentenced to life in prison after he confessed to delivering the savage blows that killed his heiress girlfriend

Jordan Matthews, 24, a pub chef, has been sentenced to life in prison for the death of his girlfriend, Xixi Bi, who died after being savagely brutalized by him at their flat in Llandaff, Cardiff, UK.

Xixi Bi is a student who moved to the UK from China to study aged 15. She was meant to run her family's multimillion-pound company when she came of age.
In April 2015 she began dating Jordan and through the course of their relationship, Jordan abused her several times, the last of which cost her life. Jordan Matthew attacked Xixi during an argument at their flat at about 1:30 a.m. on August 19 last year and by 8;30 a.m. she collapsed due to complications resulting from the injuries inflicted by Matthews.

When doctors examined Xixi's body they found evidence of nine previous rib fractures and a healing jaw fracture showing that she had suffered other abuses in the past by her boyfriend, who is reportedly a black belt holder in Karate.

It was revealed that prior to her death, Xixi became quieter, thinner and more withdrawn due to the abuse and neighbours reported that they often heard Matthews shouting at her. They told the court they heard him say things such as:
 "I don't want to do this, I've got to punish you for what you have done," and: "If you don't s*** my d*** I'm going to hit you."

Jordan confessed to hitting his girlfriend, saying he is only half responsible for her death. He gave details of how he savagely beat her and pleaded guilty to manslaughter but denied murder, claiming he had not intended to kill her. He said:
 "After me and Xixi had an argument, I did throw her onto the sofa once but that was because when she came into the living room to grab a packet of fags, I said this really isn't the time to be sitting down and having a cigarette.  I asked her what she was doing, where she had been today, who she was with. She just would not tell me so I grabbed her by the front of her t-shirt, I picked her off the sofa and dragged her with one hand around the sofa and then I threw her into the bedroom.   
"I threw her into the cabinet, then I picked her up from there and then I punched her. She said something and I just lost it. I instantly punched her really really hard in the solar plex area. She instantly dropped to the floor. I held her up with both her hands in front under her arms.  I apologised to her and after that, we sat down and she had a little bit of water. She was shaking."
The court later heard that Jordan's action was as a result of seeing what he mistakenly believed to be a message from dating app Tinder on Xixi's phone.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment at Cardiff Crown Court on Tuesday by Mrs Justice Davies after she outlined the abusive relationship between Matthews and Xixi Bi, who was described as "a generous and loving young woman". Justice Davies said to Jordan:
"When you met Xixi you were unemployed. She was the daughter of wealthy parents living in China. Xixi provided you with a home, clothing, she bought a car for you. You took what she gave."
Xixi Bi's brother, Zexun, lamented his sister's untimely death. According to him,
"She was intelligent and had the whole world in front of her. All this taken from her, due to Jordan Matthews and his selfish and violent attack on my sister... the heart has been ripped out of our family."
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