Friday, February 10, 2017

Mum of slain British backpacker writes scathing letter to Trump

Rosie Ayliffe, the mother of slain British backpacker, Mia Ayliffe-Chung, who was stabbed to death in Queensland in August along with fellow backpacker Tom Jackson, has taken to Twitter to post a scathing letter to U.S President Donald Trump after the White House this week listed her death among 78 terrorist related deaths under-reported by the mainstream media.
The Australian Police after her killing, immediately ruled out Islamic terrorism or radicalization as cause of Mia's death, so Rosie, mum to Mia, was annoyed to find out Trump still listed the death as a terrorist attack saying 'Any fool can shout Allahu Akbar as they commit a crime'.
"The possibility of Mia and Tom's deaths being consequent to an Islamic terror attack was discounted in the early stages of the police investigation... Any fool can shout Allahu Akbar as they commit a crime," Rosie Ayliffe wrote in her statement.
"Treating immigrants as disposable commodities and disregarding their safety causes deaths throughout our so-called civilized world."
"I have lived and worked in the Islamic world for a number of years ... Mia traveled in Turkey and Morocco too, albeit too briefly".
"We encountered nothing but respect and hospitality from people who are committed to courtesy and honoring their fellow human beings. This vilification ... is a terrifying reminder of the horror that can ensue when we allow ourselves to be led by ignorant people into darkness and hatred."

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