Thursday, March 30, 2017

LOL! This Lady Wants To Travel To Lagos To Beat Up Her Cousin & Her Ex Boyfriend

She said her cousin has been dating a guy for about 8 years now; marry her, no way, let her go and marry another person, no way. Eventually they broke up, the cousin has met another man and they are planning to get married in June.

Her ex-boyfriend is back again, begging that he's now ready to marry her and she's trying to consider him. You know that feeling of 8 years can't just die off easily. But the sister thinks her cousin and her ex-boyfriend needs serious beating to reset their brains so he can leave her alone to marry her new man. Lolz! The story...

Maybe the guy has problem; they both love themselves but something is working against them. In a case like this I will suggest prayer. But it's her choice to make. #Life

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