Monday, April 24, 2017

Why Do We Show Off Our Wealth On Social Media?

Probably due to controversy generated by singer KCee after he was allegedly caught using another man's money to pose on Instagram as his own, before he was "exposed", comedian Basketmouth asked a series of thought-provoking questions on Instagram today.

He wondered why people these days are so addicted to putting their 'everything' on social media.
Below are the 10 questions he asked:

"Why do we even feel the urge to show off our wealth on social media?

Does it breed hate, love or jealousy?

Why exactly do we take our marital issues to social media?

Since when did the world become our shrinks or marriage counselors?

When did our validation start depending on strangers?

Since when did IG become the judge of our lifestyle, personality, behavior and character?

Why do we spend more time showing people everything about our personal lives rather than living the life itself?

Why are we so hungry for followers on our social media platforms?

Does the amount of followers improve our quality of life? Does it add anything to ones talent?”
Some ladies will leave their boyfriend or husband because of the "wealth display" they're seeing from guys on Instagram, most of whom their legitimate income can't sustain.  
Some guys will leave their fiancee or wife because of ladies of easy virtues showing 'assets' on IG, most of whom are looking for men to destroy with their demons.
Social media shouldn't validate you, it's just a tool. See it at such and get serious with your life.

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