Sunday, May 21, 2017

When you disrespect your man he stops seeing you as a lady & deals with you as a man

According to actor Williams Uche-Mbah, ladies should learn to control their mouth because if you feel comfortable to talk nasty to your man, he stops seeing your feminine side, starts seeing you as a fellow man and deals with you as such.

What I will add is that, a wise and well trained wife doesn't take pleasure in insulting her husband, she prays for him and supports him emotional and spiritually.

If you keep insulting and disrespecting your man because he's the calm type and doesn't like people to hear negative stories about him, one day he will use his hands on him. When that happens don't cry out saying "I didn't do him anything... he's a monster, etc."

Women are wired to use their mouth, men are wired to use their hands. That is nature. So if you as a woman can't control your mouth, you lack the right to tell a man to control his hands.

Check character, try to improve; build your home and help your husband remain a good man.

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